Service Information
Service Information allows you to create a business / team hosted email platform for your group before you have chosen a domain name. Once you do, if you do, you may point that domain name to the same account structure so that the new name can be used. In the meantime, enjoy email, calendar, notes, tasks, and more through webmail and check email using your favorite email client.


"Plus" Addressing - Plus addresses are addresses with your core email address "plus" an extension you create in order to direct mail to a certain folder. This is done by inserting the plus "+" character after your address but before the "@" character. For example, myemail+Junk@mydomain will automatically stick email in the "junk" folder for the "myemail" addres "@mydomain". Note: If you were to add a slash "/" character you can automatically create the folder on the fly. For example, myemail+Junk/website@domain will put email in "Junk" as above and also create the folder "website".
Email Aliases - A name for another name, an email address that goes to the same account as another email address. As for example, ceo@company and owner@company go to same email account as fred.smith@company.
Domain Name - A domain name is composed of a top level domain (TLD) like .com and a second level domain (SLD) name like "google". Put them together to get "" and that is a domain name.
Domain Alias - You can point (direct) email addressed to a given domain name to be delivered at other domain names without forwarding it. For example, and to your same email account at Additionally, for example, will get email sent to
SubDomain - A subdomain or more correctly, "hostname", is a name that can be placed in front of the second level (SLD) name in a domain. For instance, consider "". Each dot "." character has a significant role. The subdomain of "yourchoce", above is referenced at the second level domain "w3" which is referenced at the top level domain "email". Each name separated by the ".". So, restated, with an address, you end up with Further, in the form-field at the top of this page, you type and address like "you@yourchoice" we automatically add "". Going a step further, you can later point a domain you own or will buy to the address created today and not have to change email accounts.

Additional Features

Shared Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard feature in Team Workspaces is great for group collaboration on an interface diagram, a map, listing of features or product enhancements or any other thing that a standard, conference room whiteboard is used for. Each user is clearly labeled as they make their change or add to the discussion, so each participant knows who is writing what. Once completed, a whiteboard can be downloaded as an image file by each participant, so the information is stored and kept for later use or later reference.

Image of Shared Whiteboard

File Sharing

File Storage is hassle-free option to send and share large attachments, eliminating the need for third-party file managers, like FileGenius, Send File or Jumpshare or an FTP server for transferring files. Users can send and share files of any size by simply uploading the file then sharing a link to download it directly! No more delays in sending or receiving messages, problems with attachment sizes or added stress to the server. PLUS: You can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft's OneDrive, giving you even more options for sharing files with users.

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Image of File Sharing System

Reporting & Admin

DIY Admin is available including detail reporting directly from the same Web UI for the user(s) declared to have admin privileges. We will gladly step into this role as part of our service. But, for companies that have on-staff admin, watch the video to see the capabilities available to you directly.

Image of Reporting System

Live Chat Servers

The rise in popularity of products such as #Slack demonstrate the need for companies to have secure, real-time communication methods for employees. Enterprises have teams all over the world, smaller companies have employees who work remotely and large companies can be so spread out that real-time conversations are almost impossible. With group chat, users can work together online through the web client or use their favorite desktop or mobile XMPP/Jabber chat clients. Group chat features include text chat, video chat and inline file sharing for instant, secure (via SSL or TLS) and reliable communication with anyone within their organization. In addition, all text-based chat can be automatically archived so that organizations can meet any compliance standards

Image of Chat


Migrating from other platforms is made possible via the online migration tools. You are not alone in this task. W3.EMAIL will do your migration for you or assist you as needed. We support migration from all well known platforms and lessor known platforms that support standard protocols. Migration is part of the free trial process to be sure everything is working before you start paying for services.

Image of Reporting System

eMail and Web UI

Access your email from any web browser, phone, tablet, or desktop at anytime from anywhere with this truly intuitive and easy to use interface or enable Exchange ActiveSync and use your favorite email client.

Image of eMail app


Take the burden out of scheduling! Users can create multiple calendars, better manage conference rooms, show task dates, check their local weather, specify working hours and more. The robust calendar app has brilliant views for month, week, day, agenda and appointments. Includes shared and private access.

Image of Calendar App


Whether it's access to a Global Address List or a personal list of businesses, executives or more, contacts can be shared or exported in the most popular formats like vCard and VCF.

Image of Contact App


Keep track of anything, from shopping lists to long-term tasks. Create lists of items, set due dates, update status and completion percentage, and even prioritize tasks.

Image of Task Manager


The electronic equivalent of sticky notes, enotes are a great place to jot down questions, ideas, reminders or anything else a user needs to keep on-hand.

Image of Notes and Notes Manager

Team Workspaces

Several collaboration tools are at your fingertips chat, whiteboard, video conferencing, and file-sharing.

Image of Team Workspaces App